In today’s marketplace you need to stand out from the others, and a well executed small-to-medium brand strategy is vital!

Nestled in the hills west of Titirangi, we are a small indie agency that specialises in developing relevant, well-executed brand and marketing for small to medium sized New Zealand businesses. In business since 2008, we have worked with big agencies and businesses, and over that time we have won numerous awards for our clients and are proud of the work that has come out of our studio.

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Starting with understanding your business and your customers, we spend the time to we work with your business to develop a comprehensive strategy for your business, specifically created for your market.

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We specialise in understanding your business, its markets and its customers before we create your personalised brand. Its this background that ensures you lead the way in our market.

Starting from $799 we can tailor your brand, for your business and for your market.

From multiple years of experience, we can assist your business to not only go online, but to develop a presence that drives activation via a multi-channel strategy.

Todays consumers aren’t online, they live online, so talk to us about how to deliver a digital strategy for your business.

Today’s brands need to cut through, and sales based activation’s are key to developing new markets, increasing sales or acquiring customers.

We have over 10 years experience developing activation’s from in-store collateral to digital redemption platforms.

In collaboration with your business, our team will create marketing collateral that sings your businesses song and delivers on the brief.

From the development of trade pieces to event based signage, we can cover it all.

Social media isn’t just a flash in the pan, its here and its huge. With the right strategy, engage with your brand “fans” on their platforms of choice.

Learn how to engage and create content that delivers value.


We work in collaboration with your business, to define your goals, develop strategy and then to implement. Four key steps are part of this process.

We learn about your business, its channels and its customers.

You can’t build a house with out plans, and the same goes with any type of marketing or brand activities you engage in… you need to understand the end game.

We start with your customers and work back through your business to understand the key messages, the stakeholders and how you operate. This assists in understanding the key drivers in your marketing, and what we gauge success as.

The plan, the channels and the implementation.

Using what we know in the first phase, we will then present to your business the concept or strategy. This provides direction and understanding of what we are doing, why and what the end game will be.

Using simple image and diagrams, we will ensure you understand what is proposed, how it will work and your involvement BEFORE anything commences. This is important, as its your business and you must be happy with the direction.

Creation of the pieces of the puzzle.

This phase is simply the production of the various components. Where our studio bring the concepts to life. Be that designing the poster, the business cards, or the stand for the trade show. All done with your sign-off and agreement on final design.

We use in-house designers and outsource production, to ensure the best price possible for your work while keeping to the project timelines.

Manage the implementation and monitor the results.

We can manage the implementation on your behalf, or help you walk through the process. This is the vital step in any marketing or branding project, making sure the process is managed and followed through the business.

For some types of campaigns, monitoring the outcomes are important to understand the reactions from consumers. This helps to manage a campaign and identify opportunities or changes in the various channels.


Starting in the interactive world in 1997 with GREY Interactive, I’ve been in the marketing / digital industry for over 20 years. It all started, when a 33.3k modem was fast and email was something relatively new, so i’ve seen a huge change in the industry from both a technology and a user perspective.

Then in early 2000, I joined the award winning Terabyte Interactive as a producer / project manager / studio manager, where I got to work on many varied projects from small to enormous, for big and small brands, such as: Newscorp Te Papa, TRN / Mighty River Power / New Zealand Lotteries and many others.

A change was in the wind in 2006, so I joined the Australia’s then largest promotional marketing agency, Apollo Marketing. Working with Apollo over two years with some of the biggest brands in NZ and Australia, I got to work closely with the marketing teams to develop some very cool applications, including one of the, if not the first, SMS / Web integrated campaign in the southern hemisphere. The development and build of an online Sales tool for DB Breweries that won Gold at the 2009 APMA awards for BEST BUSINESS-TO-BUSINESS CAMPAIGN.

In 2008, time for a change so I threw in the towel and started out on my own. Since then I have been working on various projects from a freelance perspective in the sales / marketing / comms / digital & IT sectors, using my experience to continue to create flexible digital & marketing based products working in varied markets and business areas.

In 2012 I purchased a tired brand, with a very tired business model. Taking what I knew, we re-modeled the business, re-branded and re-built the brand, changed the focus, added 6 new revenue streams and built a commercial / trade partner model. After three years, we exited the business [sold] after year on year growth of over 40%. Project complete, whats next.

So, to put it simply, I get it…

[in the past 10yrs].



PO Box 60351, Titirangi, Auckland.